• Aroma Acupressure

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    A real treat – Aroma Acupressure combines the use of essential oils with gentle pressure applied to acupuncture points along the body. Needle-sensitive/phobic and energetically sensitive patients respond well to this gentle technique. This can be used as an alternative to massage, when deep relaxation and stress relief is needed.

    Like acupuncture, acupressure has been used for centuries to address and treat many medical conditions. Pain is reduced or eliminated by applying gentle pressure to trigger and motor points, which can encourage tight muscles and knots to release. Patients may experience twitching or feelings of vibration that feel like “energy moving” during the treatment – this is normal and should not be uncomfortable.

    The combination of essential oils with acupressure can bring relief from digestive difficulties, fatigue, tension, and overall stress. Bergamot and Lavender are used to promote relaxation, Blue Tansy to release frustration, Rosemary, Black Spruce, and Saro gently lift the Qi to stimulate energy, and Fennel and Geranium can regulate the digestion.  Your practitioner will choose the combination of oils that will work best for your condition and goals for treatment.