• Aroma Acupoint Therapy

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    Experience the rejuvenating effects of aroma acupoint therapy using pure, organic essential oils. Exhaustion, PMS symptoms, sluggish digestion, and depression are just a few conditions that respond quickly to this treatment style. Leave feeling rejuvenated and deeply nourished.


    There is no denying that certain aromas create a physiological response in the body. Whether a familiar scent relaxes us, takes us back to a specific time and place in our memory, or simply makes us hungry, we have all experienced shifts of some kind due to olfactory stimulation. These shifts can range from the obvious to the subtle. The first sense that is activated at our birth, smell is deeply connected to our mood and emotional state – both of which have an enormous impact on our overall health and well-being.



    Acupuncture is, in part, the study of the ways in which subtle shifts in a moment can create fundamental and lasting change in the body. Placing a few small needles into the flesh may create a relaxing experience in the moment, but the effect on the body over time can be profound as pain decreases, mood elevates, and the performance of our major organ systems improves. In Chinese Medicine, the theory is that the needle is activating a specific location on the body, called an acupuncture point or “acupoint”, which has a physiological effect not just local to the needle site, but along a meridian that extends along the body far from where the needle was placed.

    For 3000 years, acupuncturists have used needles to activate these acupoints on the body with powerful results. More recently, the topical application of essential oils has been used on acupoints to create a similar effect by harnessing the body’s ability to assimilate scent into sensory memory, creating a near instantaneous shift in physiology. The result is a form of meridian therapy called Aroma Acupoint Therapy (AAT) which serves as a powerful complement to traditional acupuncture treatment.


    Conditions Treated

    AAT is especially useful in treating fatigue (both chronic and acute), adrenal disregulation and fatigue, tension, racing mind, hot or cold conditions, damp conditions including water retention, mucus/phlegm, and strong sugar cravings, PMS symptoms, and mood conditions including depression, lack of motivation, and anxiety. AAT similarly does well to support acupuncture in treating the wide breadth of conditions known to respond well to traditional treatment.


    Use in Treatment

    AAT involves applying essential oils to acupoints on small pieces of cotton, and holding them on the points until the desired shift is observed. Many different oils and points may be used in a single session. This is a pleasant, relaxing experience for the patient who simply rests quietly while the oils are applied. This therapy is often used prior to the insertion of acupuncture needles, so that both therapies will be included in a single treatment.

    While AAT benefits all kinds of patients, those with needle sensitivities and phobias as well as children seem to respond especially well to the therapy.



    Snow Lotus brand organic essential oils are used for their purity and unadulterated high quality.



    There is no additional cost for the use of AAT within a traditional acupuncture treatment. Your practitioner may suggest blends to be used at home in between treatments, which is optional. The patient would incur the additional cost of the oils they wish to purchase for home use.