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  • 30 Minute Consult

    Acupuncture is gaining popularity in the West for its efficacy in treating a variety of disorders naturally and gently without side effects. However, it is still a new concept to many. For this reason, a 30 minute consult is offered free of charge to any new patient wishing to meet with the practitioner to discuss whether acupuncture treatment may be right for them. No diagnosis is done at this appointment – it is simply a chance to learn about what acupuncture treatment entails.

    This appointment can be scheduled by contacting our office by phone at 410-697-1235.

    The First Appointment – Traditional Diagnosis (TD)

    For new patients, the initial appointment (referred to as the “TD”) serves as the introduction of patient to practitioner, and allows information to be gathered regarding medical history, current symptoms, goals for treatment, and current lifestyle. This is put together with diagnostic information that the practitioner collects by way of the tongue, pulse, and eye to arrive at a differential diagnosis. This is discussed with the patient in terms of the mechanisms that are generating the symptoms, how long it may take to treat, and what the patient can expect from treatment. The patient is given ample opportunity to ask any questions that may arise. At the conclusion of this discussion, the first acupuncture treatment is administered.

    At the end of the initial visit, the patient is provided with a way forward in terms of what will be necessary to elicit the desired outcome. This often includes both nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

    The length of this appointment is 1.5 hours and can be scheduled by booking online, or by contacting our office by phone at 410-697-1235.

    Follow-up Appointments

    Frequency of follow-up visits is established at the TD. These follow-up visits include a brief check-in with the patient to determine how symptoms are shifting, and a treatment that may include acupuncture, aroma acupoint therapy, and further wellness coaching.

    The length of this appointment is 1 hour and can be scheduled by booking online, or by contacting our office by phone at 410-697-1235.